Internship, Volunteer and Work Study: K-12 Educator and Curriculum Development

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Our Story

HVK Children’s Foundation is an emerging nonprofit founded in 2016 and is registered in Massachusetts. We are based in Worcester, Massachusetts  and West Africa, Liberia. We aim to break barriers to socioeconomic and social determinant factors that pose as a harm to human development through The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model and the Coordinated School Health Program. Thus, we work in the fields of education, public health, and social work providing evidence-based services that includes the monitoring and evaluation of programs targeted to reach low-income women, children and families. We have three implemented programs to date and currently reaching children and teachers at six schools we are partnered with.


We are piloting a program to supplement our offline e-learning program, Project REACH. This includes working with an offline e-learning portal, researching the literature to find gaps in learning, literacy and STEM that students at the level of 5th-6th grade, or even students in lower primary grades would have with focus in Liberia. This information would be used to match educational content on the e-learning portal that would create a 1) Teacher’s Manual, and 2) Workbook for students. Grade level of focus: primary school, program starts with grade 5th students but gaps can cover K-6.

We hope to have a small team of students working on this project that are pursuing degrees in K-12 education, and students with skills/ pursing degrees in graphic design, and computer science majors/minors.


Project could be accomplished in the following steps over the period of two to one academic semesters:

Part I:

  1. Review all of the e-learning portal contents
  2. Search the literature to find gaps in learning, literacy and STEM (ex. phonetics, word recognition, reading comprehension, composition, etc)
  3. Research about writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading (WICOR) method or other learning methods
  4. Develop a visual road map to see where ideas can be aligned and start the drafting process based on the gaps found in the specific subject matter
  5. Come up with researched strategies found in the literature that makes the most impact to tackle gaps/  map out what the teacher’s manual and workbook would include (use excel or another to track work)
  6. Present ideas to the whole team before moving on

Part II:

  1. Take the road map/ researched ideas to create content by subject matter (ex. English, Writing, Math, Science, ICT)
  2. Tackle content by subject matter while drafting
  3. Rough draft of teacher’s manual and workbook in appropriate format
  4. Group review of content and more reviews as a group
  5. Revisions and polishing of the content based on review
  6. Final version submitted in appropriate format

Part III:

  1. Engage Liberian teachers for their comments
  2. Final version submitted in appropriate format back to USA team
  3. Final, Final version submitted in appropriate format by USA team
  4. Process ends….but continues once the manual and workbook are being used

Completion of the job will be based on fulfilling these outcomes.

Minimum Qualifications

Responsibilities include following standardized practices, methods, and maintaining a relationship with organization and partner schools.

  • Working on bachelor’s or master’s degree preferred in a related education field: Primary or secondary education, Applied Psychology in Education with Development & Curriculum Design, Social Work with concentration in Education Development & Curriculum Design, or Computer Science with concentration in Education & Curriculum Design
  • Working knowledge and ability to create lesson plans
  • Experience working with and leading education programs with primary students from low-income background
  • Exceptional research, content mastery and knowledge of current instructional theories and principles applicable to both student-led and instructor-led learning and teaching techniques
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using research engines (ERIC, Google Scholar and more)
  • Good organizational and time management skills; ability to be flexible and solve problems
  • Intermediate to advance knowledge and usage of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and other helpful sites

Other Important Qualifications

  • High curiosity for knowledge acquisition, responsible, enjoys working individually and as a team
  • Good ability to push oneself beyond all limits
  • Exceptional creativity skills in using theories /strategies in education and ICT tools to create usable content for teachers and students

Apply by: December 15th, 2018 and until position is filled

Start Date: 01/2019

Required Hours: 10-20 hours weekly and based on requirement

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