Carlo DiBonaventura

Carlo DiBonaventura is a board member at HVK Children’s Foundation. Carlo works as a Biology teacher at South High Community School located in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He started teaching at the middle and then, at the high school level since 2001. Before his career as an educator, Mr. D conducted research at UMass Medical School studying metastasis in cancer cells.  His background as a teacher validates his ability to help determine what works in a classroom from both a student and an educator perspective—especially given that fact that nearly 80% of the population at the school he teaches at is classified as low income, and many of the students are homeless or food insecure.  Thus, Carlo is competent in working with high needs populations, and he knows how to stretch money and equipment to the fullest. One interesting fact: Carlo is enrolled in an Energy Medicine class and by the end of this year will be a Licensed Energy Medicine Practitioner.