Jermoh Kamara

Jermoh Vainga Kamara is the Founder and President at HVK Children’s Foundation. She holds a Master in Public & Global Health and is a Health Education Specialist (CHES). She curently works as a public health practitioner and non-tenured public health educator at Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) located in Worcester. In 2019 she contested for a seat on the Worcester School Committee, and hopes to contest again. Born in West Africa, Liberia, Jermoh has an innate passion for the dyad: health and education. While attending Providence College, Jermoh saw that she could drive her passion by utilizing the opportunities her alma mater provided. As an intern on a trip in Ghana, Jermoh worked on two projects—a sanitation project that educated junior high school students about hygiene and the importance of hand wash. Jermoh was trained to construct the Microflush latrine and later worked with her colleagues to teach Ghanaian teachers to implement the Lab-in-a-Box at their various schools. The Lab-in-a-Box is a preloaded educational library system that is accessed from offline and powered by solar panel. Having seen the impact of the education project in solving the scarcity of learning resources at rural schools through the use of technology, she was curious about launching a similar project for schools in Liberia. Upon returning to Liberia in 2014 from Ghana, she saw the gap in the education system and the health sector but was sensitive to the lack of resources available for underprivileged children that sparked her intuition to bring innovative projects to Liberia. Today, Jermoh has established and introduced the Hawah V. Kamara Children’s Foundation (HVK), a local non-profit based in the USA that aims to work in Liberia. Through HVK Children’s Foundation, schools are adopted to form a network where health and education programs are implemented.